Personal Loans

Purchase anything you want!

Need help with financing your personal needs? With a BRED Bank Secured and Unsecured Personal Loan you can meet your personal needs like education, holiday, wedding, medical expense, debt consolidation, purchasing consumer durables or equipment.


Features and Benefits

Competitive interest rates;

Borrowing amount depending on gross annual salary scale or as approved by Bank;

Easy repayment with term as high as 60 months;

Periodical payments will be set up to make direct deductions from your salary account to your loan account;

Interest is calculated on reducing loan balance; and-

No penalty for early repayments.



Completed loan application form with:

Evidence of Income.

     o For salary earners

        ☑ 3 recent salary slips; or

        ☑ A confirmation letter from your employer (stating years of employment);

        ☑ In addition, for overseas residents, copies of last two years tax returns or group tax Certificates.

     o For business owners (self-employed):

        ☑ The last two years Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements. Interim figures may also be requested.

     o In addition, for overseas businesses:

        ☑ The last two years company/business tax returns as well as last two years personal tax returns;

        ☑ Copy of latest FNPF Statements;

        ☑ Copy of work permit (non-residents only).

TIN Letter, Birth certificate and Voter Registration Car or Driver’s License;

Copy of 12 months personal account statement;

Account with BRED Bank;

Salary directed to BRED Bank account; and

Any other relevant information to support your application.


How do I apply for a Personal Loan?

Get in touch with a Relationship Manager. Contact Us 

Fees and Charges

Terms and Conditions apply