BRED VISA Debit Account and Card

Get closer to your money anywhere around the world!

Accessing your own money around the world has never been much easier. BRED offers Fiji’s first ever chip capable (EMV compliant) card giving you security and convenience.

For your personal use we have BRED Retail VISA Debit Card and for Business we have BRED Biz VISA Debit Card.

Features and Benefits

  • Access cash anytime, anywhere - With a BRED Bank Visa Debit Card, you can withdraw cash anytime from any of our local ATMs and from over 2 million Visa and Plus ATMs worldwide;
  • Better Security – Bred Bank Visa Debit Card comes with a built-in EMV chip. This offers you enhanced security on your card transactions and protects you from potential fraudulent use of your card;
  • Convenient Shopping Experience – Simply present your BRED Bank Visa Debit Card and make your purchases at millions of VISA merchants worldwide. You can also use this card for making purchases online or over the phone;
  • Better Money Management – Your VISA Debit transactions are automatically deducted from your bank account, so you can access your up-to-date balance on your Internet Banking access; and
  • In addition to a cheque book, a BRED Bank Visa Debit Card can be offered on the same account for greater access.

How can you get a BRED VISA Debit Account and Card?

Our account opening process is simple and fast. Simply visit your nearest BRED Bank branch and fill out an application form (click on application form to access). Other requirements are listed below:

Mandatory Documents:

  • Original Birth Certi­ficate
  • TIN Letter or FRCA/FNPF Joint ID card
  • Recent payslip/Letter of employment
  • Utility Bill for residential address veri­fication
  • $100.00 minimum opening deposit

With any one of these:

  • Voter registration card or
  • LTA Driver’s license or
  • Passport

BRED Visa BIZ Debit Card:

Please contact our Customer Care team to assist you with your application and the requirements for obtaining a BRED Visa BIZ Debit Card. The requirements will be based on the type of business.

 Fees and Charges

Description VISA Retail Card
VISA Biz Card
Card Fees:    
Joining Fee $35.00
Annual Fee $35.00 $65.00
Replacement VISA Card and PIN $10.00 per card with pin
$10.00 per card with pin
Transaction Fee:    
BRED EFTPOS Machines $0.40 per transaction  $0.40 per transaction
Other local bank EFTPOS machines $0.40 per transaction  $0.40 per transaction
 Overseas EFTPOS machines $0.40 per transaction  $0.40 per transaction
 BRED ATM machines $0.40 per transaction  $0.40 per transaction
 Other local bank ATM machines $0.40 per transaction $0.40 per transaction
 Overseas ATM machines $8.00 per transaction $8.00 per transaction



Please be reminded that the Reserve Bank of Fiji Exchange Control requirements stipulate a strict FJD10,000.00 monthly aggregated limit on overseas payments you make using your VISA Debit Card. Should you intend to exceed this limit within a month, you are to obtain prior written approval from the Reserve Bank of Fiji’s Exchange Control Department and present this to the Bank.

 For more information, enquire at your nearest BRED Bank branch or send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. BRED Bank branches are located in Suva, Valelevu, Nausori, Namaka, Nadi and Lautoka. In addition, BRED Bank has a Kiosk at Tappoo City Building, Level 4, Suva.